If you are interested in volunteering for projects and events please contact friends@parkerriver.org.  There are many projects in planning stage including field projects on the Parker River NWR for students, history tours (such as the Stage Island area) and special area tours (such as the Refuge’s wild cranberry bogs).

There are also opportunities to work in the field on biological projects for those who wish to experience the special environments of these wildlife refuges while enjoying outside work and making a significant positive impact on the conservation of their plant and animal life.

The following specific projects are being planned  for 2018 at both Parker River NWR and Great Bay NWR  (the Parker River NWR staff are also responsible for the Great Bay NWR) and are seeking enthusiastic volunteers who will help with the removal of invasive plant species that are threatening the natural plants of the Parker River NWR and help re-establish the threatened New England Cottontail Rabbit at the Great Bay NWR:

  • Cutting small Japanese pines with lopers and handsaws in the dunes of Parker River NWR.
  • Removal of pepperweed at the Parker River NWR.
  • Live-stake planting at Great Bay NWR in the New England Cottontail breeding pen.  This involves cutting branches of shrubs into 3ft sections, then placing them into the ground to root.
  • Harvesting small (1-2ft) dogwoods and replanting these shrubs in the rabbit pen at Great Bay NWR.
  • Cutting larger shrubs (6-10ft) at Great Bay NWR then stacking them into large brush piles for the New England cottontails.

The Great Bay NWR work will take place in mid-March to early April.  The work at Parker River NWR will begin in late March and will continue throughout the year.

Refuge volunteers are also needed to assist with pepperweed pulling around the Parker River NWR area in June and July.

There will also be other opportunities to help the Parker River NWR biological department.  In addition to this site, please watch the Refuge site at http://www.fws.gov/refuge/parker_river/ for details throughout the year.

Thank you!    Volunteers make all the difference!