Celebrating a Decade of Wildlife Through the Lens: Kevin Komiega’s Exhibit “10 Years on the Merrimack”

For anyone enchanted by the raw beauty of nature, Kevin Komiega’s exhibit, “10 Years on the Merrimack,” is a must-visit this November at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center. A local artist and seasoned photographer, Komiega presents a collection of his most captivating wildlife encounters along the Merrimack River. 

As a former journalist turned communications professional, Kevin’s heart lies within the realms of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, where he volunteers and captures the beauty of the wildlife that thrives there. 

The exhibit showcases a range of species from the regal bald eagle to the mysterious coyote, each photo telling a unique story. Visitors can experience this collection and immerse themselves in the world of these magnificent creatures, all while supporting a local artist who lives and breathes the community spirit of Amesbury, MA.

Join us in appreciating this exhibit and join us in our commitment to wildlife conservation. The exhibit is open until November 30th.