Celebrating Joe Carey: May Artist of the Month at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

This May, the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge is proud to showcase the imaginative works of Joe Carey, our chosen Artist of the Month. A native of the North Shore and current resident of New Hampshire, Joe’s life story is a testament to the power of creativity and the enduring call of the natural world.

From an early age, Joe Carey was drawn to the complexities of nature and the boundless realms of imagination. Keeping a nature journal as a child, Joe spent his formative years exploring and documenting the natural environment around him. This early fascination with the outdoors seamlessly transitioned into a passion for art, with Joe dedicating countless hours in high school to drawing fantasy landscapes and mythical creatures.

Despite his responsibilities in marketing and business development, he has not let go of his artistic pursuits. By night, he transforms into a painter in his attic studio, where he continues to draw inspiration from the natural world and the works of other artists.

In his artworks, Joe seeks to bridge the gap between the seen and the unseen, the real and the imagined. He employs a palette that captures the ethereal qualities of transitional times of day—dawn and dusk—infusing his paintings with a sense of wonder and mystique. His works are portals to places that lie just beyond the reach of everyday life, inviting viewers to step into a world where nature and fantasy intertwine.

Current Exhibition:

Joe’s latest collection, featured at the Parker River Visitor Center, includes a series of paintings that encapsulate his unique vision. Each piece is a celebration of color, light, and the magical interventions that punctuate the natural landscape. Visitors can expect to see scenes that combine the familiar with the fantastical, creating an immersive experience that resonates deeply with all who walk through the exhibit.

Joe Carey’s enchanting canvases are on display at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center until May 31. We invite you to visit and experience firsthand the captivating worlds Joe has created through his art.

Location: Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, 6 Plum Island Turnpike, Newburyport

Contact Information: Friends@parkerriver.org