Capturing the Wild: March 2024’s Trio of Nature Photographers at Parker River

This March, the Friends of Parker River National Wildlife Refuge is thrilled to introduce a mesmerizing showcase that brings the wilderness into view like never before. The Artist of the Month exhibit, highlights the exceptional talents of three local wildlife photographers whose work transcends mere observation, inviting us into the heart of the Refuge and beyond.

Dan Oh, Kristine Patti and Sue Poublon all share a love of nature and the outdoors and have found creative outlets on the refuge and other New England sites. For each artist wildlife photography is a passion. Dan Oh has a special interest in birds, particularly the raptors. For Kristine Patti, hours behind the camera are her passport to nature. When Sue Poublon photographs animals, she makes sure not to interfere with their routines or behaviors, capturing them at their most natural moments. 

Through their lenses, we explore the vibrant ecosystems of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, each photograph telling a unique story of resilience, beauty, and the unspoken bond between wildlife and their habitats. This exhibit not only celebrates the artistic achievements of these photographers but also underscores our mission to preserve and cherish the natural world around us.

Join us in experiencing the wilderness through their eyes, as we continue to foster a community that values and protects our natural heritage. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the refuge as you’ve never seen it before, and to be inspired by the power of photography to capture the wild essence of Parker River’s majestic landscapes and inhabitants.