Celebrating June 2024 Artist of the Month: Peter Neverette

We are thrilled to announce that Peter Neverette has been selected as the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge’s Artist of the Month for June 2024. Peter’s journey into photography began in 2019 when he received a camera for Christmas. Since then, his passion for capturing the essence of his subjects and the beauty that surrounds us has only grown.

Flood Tide at the Sunset Club – Peter Neverette

Peter’s work often explores the intersection of human industry and nature’s relentless power. He is particularly drawn to photographing abandoned buildings, where the clash between the man-made and the natural world creates a poignant narrative. Additionally, the beach holds a special place in Peter’s heart, though he admits that capturing its ephemeral beauty is “kind of like chasing the wind.”

Primarily working in color, Peter prints his work himself, ensuring that every piece meets his high standards. His photography is currently on display at the Parker River Visitor Center until June 30. We invite you to visit and experience the emotions and stories conveyed through his lens.

Exhibit Information:

Location: Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center

Address: 6 Plum Island Turnpike, Newburyport

Exhibit Dates: Now through June 30

Contact: For more information, visit the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge website.

Join us in celebrating Peter and his stunning contributions to the world of photography. His work not only highlights the beauty of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge but also inspires us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.