Alan Bull – Capturing New England’s Essence on Canvas

This February, the Parker River Wildlife Refuge’s Visitor Center is proud to feature Alan Bull, our Artist of the Month, whose landscape paintings immerse viewers in the tranquil beauty of Plum Island and the Merrimack River.

Alan Bull, an artist deeply rooted in New England, finds his muse in the region’s picturesque landscapes. Hailing from Old Town, Maine, Bull’s three-decade journey in art has produced a diverse body of work, ranging from murals and illustrations to the exquisite paintings that grace the walls of the Visitor Center this month.

Bull’s art has not only adorned local exhibitions but has also found its way into feature films, children’s books, and album covers, receiving acclaim in publications like Architectural Digest, the New York Times, and the Boston Globe. His distinctive style and dedication to his craft have cemented his reputation as a significant figure in the New England art scene.

Not content with just creating, Alan Bull actively shares his passion through classes and workshops, fostering art appreciation and skill among the community. His commitment to education and the arts makes him a beloved local figure and an inspiration to aspiring artists.

For those intrigued by his work, we invite you to visit Alan’s Instagram @abullstudio. Don’t miss the opportunity to view these stunning pieces in person at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, located at 6 Plum Island Turnpike, Newburyport. For further details, contact us via